Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are so often the forgotten space in a home - treated as functional spaces only. I believe that a bathroom is a sanctuary. It is the first place you start your day and it is also a place to unwind from a long, hectic day by taking a hot shower or bath. It should be luxurious with beautiful towels, candles and flowers. The space must be calm and colour tones neutral. Luxury can be created via bath towels made from pure cotton. In the tropics we tend to rely on Turkish cotton towels for their ease in drying or a combination of Turkish cotton backed in terry towelling.

Bathrooms or powder rooms, should be treated like another room in the home and filled with texture - flowers, leaves, corals, quartz, crystal and anything from the ocean. I like to warm the hard surfaces in a bathroom by adding a piece of furniture in the form of a chair/stool to put clothes on and a chest of drawers depending on the size of the room I am a big advocate of ginger jars in the bathroom and prints on the walls. Add a glamorous pendant light or wall lighting to make the room more luxurious. A nod to the tropics with clusters of coral make a beautiful statement and celebrate the beauty of nature.

Symmetry is essential for me in a bathroom. The No of towels on display, no of prints on the wall, nautical display pieces etc. However there must also be asymmetry to provide another layer of interest - for example 3 vases in a row , 3 jars of varying heights displaying natural sponges etc.

Themes are important too in a bathroom. Never mix the style of towels, hand towels nor the colour. If you choose white towels, then stick to the colour throughout the bathroom. Colour of the candles, soaps should match the towels.

Guest bathrooms should also be thoughtful with amenities - extra toothbrushes/toothpaste, cotton balls, cotton tips, razor, sunscreen, body lotion.

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