Decorating With Trays

Trays are one of the most versatile accessories for the home. They can be used in any room and have multi purpose. For example if a tray is on a coffee table you can fill it with accessories and books, but remove those items and use it as a serving tray for guests. They are a great way to store items neatly (children's homework/coffee table books, condiments in the kitchen, bottles on a sideboard). They anchor a display and also add layering and texture to a vignette. They can be used in bookcases, on the wall , by bedside, on desks, to serve food and beverage, display plants, on stands or be functional like an ashtray.

My personal favourites are metal trays filled with mirror to add reflection and light. Trays don't have to be large, they can be small trinket trays and still be effective if space is at a premium. Alternate between wicker, shagreen, metal, leather, perspex and pattern to add variety around the home depending on the atmosphere you are creating in each room. You can never have enough of them!

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