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Dining Tables can easily turn in to a "conference room" type atmosphere when they are not decorated for a special occasion or for meal times. I am often asked about ideas to make the dining table look beautiful whilst also being practical. Dining tables tend to serve multi-purposes especially if space is limited - they are often used as work spaces, games tables, present wrapping stations and over bearing, formal displays become cumbersome.

Living in the tropics, has its challenges, particularly with the short lifespan of many varieties of fresh cut flowers. I have gathered some simple, elegant and easy ideas to create a striking dining table.


Pendant lights make a big statement and anchor the table within the room. It serves as an illuminator and centerpiece for the dining room/area. If you are a minimalist, the pendant will be enough, however if your one to still have something on the table then low planters or shallow bowls would be recommended.

My experience is that most landlords are open to the addition of a pendant light - the implementation and reversal is the same as a ceiling fan.


Flameless candles on timers are also a great way to add some instant illumination to the dining table - Pillar candles or tea lights.

Nautical Decor

Add some texture with natural elements such as groupings of shells, a statement piece of coral or some real life to the table - The sea is a natural extension of living in the tropics and a great way to bring the outside, indoors and a good talking point as it has a story behind each piece or animal!

Fruit or Vegetables - Faux or Real

The colour provides a great contrast to your dining table - orange/white, yellow/brown, lime/silver and so on. They can be displayed in wooden bowls, ceramic bowls, silver bowls or glass. Raid the cupboard and find those vintage items passed down to you from your grandparents, christening bowls or items you have bought in your travels. They can be updated with ease for seasonal celebrations such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Affordable Plants & Blooms

Cycas palms, orchids, moss balls, succulents, lilies, palm fonds, pineapple plants all make for interesting tropical centre pieces that also survive well in this climate.


Use of Group dynamics work well - 3, 5, 7.

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