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Recently, a client approached me for some advice on a rental property in Singapore. The house had beautiful natural light, good space but there were limitations on what could be changed.

The key for any move into a rental property, is to look at what can be done with the interior space to make the biggest impact within a budget.

In this project, the mandate was to create a tropical lifestyle - transition day-to-day living from indoors to outdoors. We decided to invest a significant portion of the budget on paint, bamboo blinds, carpentry and the garden.



We gained approval to paint out the green tiles/light taupe walls which immediately brightened the outdoor loggia.



We added natural bamboo blinds so they would compliment the furniture, indoor/outdoor rugs, oversized custom made mirrors and potted palms to lighten the area and provide a tropical feel.



A large investment was made in flowering hedges to cover both boundary fences whilst also creating a garden walled with privacy.


All houses have their quirks - The major liability for this property was the front driveway interrupting the flow of the garden. Turf was not feasible to lay over the driveway so we added rustic pots to line the driveway defining the entrance and filled them with tall flowering yellow & white frangipani trees.



The staircase had railway tiles in rustic off white with white iron and wood trim railings. The aim was to compliment the tones rather than disguise them by adding an antique server with glass lamps and silver tray, keeping it neutral.


On the staircase landing, we added a bold, oversized vintage poster to lift the wall space.



The client's mandate was to incorporate an area within the home for an office. We decided to transform a small unusable area of the living room, into a comfortable and light - filled area. The key pieces were a custom made mirror, desk and a new pair of lamps.


We added a pop of colour through botanical prints and artwork.


I hope you gain some insightful tips on how to easily transform a space.

Complimentatry styling is available - No project or room is too big or too small.

"It is not about imposing our look, but helping our clients to create a beautiful home."

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