Moving House - Before & After

Moving House and transforming the rental property to feel more like home.

Moving house is undoubtedly a stressful event in people’s lives. I recently completed a domestic move to a colonial Black & White house.

Planning is the key. I am one for suffering in the old house with boxes and chaos but when I am in to the new house I want it prepared and ready to go day 1 of sleeping there.

I approached our move a different way – I personally installed kitchenware, clothing, linen, bathrooms and garden plants/pots prior to the main move.

Packers were meanwhile packing whilst this was happening. No point in you being home when they are packing up and gives you a head start on the house

I also achieved the following prior to moving in:

The first night in the new home we were pretty much a normal house as the grunt work had been done. Then the following few days were spent arranging the accessories which is the enjoyable part.

The key areas I focused on to personalise the property to our taste involved the following:

Attached are a few before and after photos to help inspire freshening up your home over the summer!


Paint – Look at the difference in the pool and outdoor area



Rugs – update outdoor entertaining



Staining furniture to give it a new look



Pots & Planters – great room filler and cost effective.
Mirrors – create light in dark areas of the house



Faux plants



Scatter cushions – uplift tired sofas without re-upholstering or purchasing a new sofa.
Clean Upholstery

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