Update Your Wall Space

It is that time of the year when many are shifting houses and guests are arriving for the holiday season. An easy way to lift the home is to update or fill your empty wall spaces. Re-grouping art work so they better fit, making a feature wall or simply reframing


Lighting as always, is the key. Add painting lights over art work. In rentals you can add tracking, whilst not the optimal solution can still work. Another alternative is to move hallugens or individual bulbs on track lighting so that they shine on the artwork. It makes a significant difference to the ambience of a room.


Fill those empty spaces such as in a work space, spare room, small wall spaces or bathrooms with some new pieces.



Before hammering away at the wall, STOP and plan. Use cut outs or arrange the prints on the floor. Otherwise Mistakes are usually made and the end result is a patchwork wall of filler.



The size of the items are key for the space you are filling. Having pieces too small or too large will make the whole arrangement look strange. A rule of thumb is that artwork would be 2/3 the size of the piece of furniture you are anchoring - sofa, sideboard etc.

Hang a large piece alone and make it a statement. The centre of the image should be eye level.


It is human nature to have a tendency to hang art work too high. In a living room artwork should be lower as you are sitting down, so rule of thumb is one hand width above the furniture. Overall I prefer all artwork to be approx 5-6 inches above the furniture.

Another tendency is to hang art work horizontally. Nothing gives a room more sense of space by hanging works vertically.




Colour palettes should be matched together. If you are doing an arrangement of a few pieces on the wall I would recommend sticking to 1-2 colour palettes.

Art by Genre

Landscapes, Botanicals, Portraits


Art by Pattern


Art by Style

Canvas works, Photography


" If you have a small piece and a large piece in the same category then always hang big over small "



This is a more traditional approach to hang art in similar sizes, similar frames.




This is a more modern approach to hanging art - Use large pieces to anchor the collection on the wall and smaller pieces to fill it out.


This method should also be applied to hanging a collection by the same artist's work - Always group collections together rather than spreading them around the home, even if the size differs.


Alternatively you can use the grid method - use an odd number of items - centre piece and then mirror image of art either side.

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